My Ocarinas

This page is dedicated to my slowly growing collection of ocarinas. I don’t keep ocarinas for collecting tho, I mainly have them because I enjoy playing them.

Schwarz Tenor C
My first ocarina was the Schwarz Tenor C. It’s a 10 hole transverse ocarina “tuned” in the key of C, most makers call this the Alto C. It has a range from C4 to F5 (11 notes) but it’s out of tune on the low and high end. It’s also quite airy, extremely so on the highest 3 notes.

I love this ocarina tho, and it’s one of the best presents I ever got for Christmas. I like it a bit because it looks quite earthy and simple, but mainly because it was my very first ocarina and thus introduced me to the whole ocarina thing. I’ve had so much fun with this ocarina and learned so much about playing the ocarina and music in general. Before this one I kind of sucked at noticing the difference in pitch etc.

It’s not until I got my Focalinks that I realize just how bad this ocarina sounds, and how hard it is to play. xD I don’t recommend this ocarina to anyone except if it’s the only ocarina available in your local music shop and you can’t wait to try ocarinas and you don’t mind the fact that it probably will be a waste of your money in the long run.

Schwarz Tenor C
Schwarz Tenor C

Focalink Double Alto C
I also have the Focalink Double Alto C! This is an awesome ocarina with an extended range of 17 notes. From A4 to C7. 🙂 It’s of high quality and used by professional ocarina players. It has a round, calm tone to it, almost sad sounding. It’s perfect for tunes like Hedwig’s Theme from the Harry Potter movies for example. I’d say it’s quite easy and comfortable to play, the weight and shape feels right.

Focalink Double Alto C

Focalink 6 hole Raindrop Pendant
The other ocarina I ordered from Focalink is one they call the Raindrop Pendant. It’s a 6 hole pendant ocarina with a range from 5C to 7E (10 notes). It has a really nice sound to it. It was the first of the two Focalink ocarinas that I tried and I immediately heard how much better than my Schwarz it sounds. 🙂 It has a nice “breath pressure” range on each note, the tone doesn’t fail if you don’t blow perfectly.

But as with any pendant, the fingering can be quite confusing. Even tho it’s easy to sound every note, I still find it a bit of a challenge to play it. I am just as amazed every time I manage to play a whole song on it. This is simply because I can’t keep up with my fingers on this one. xD

Focalink 6 Hole Raindrop Pendant

Focalink 12 Soprano C
When a friend of mine was visiting Taipei, Taiwan he  got a Soprano C ocarina for me. I thought, since he was going, it’s always fun with a new kind of ocarina. 😀 I had never owned nor tried either a 12 hole transverse ocarina or a transverse soprano. This one has a very clean, beautiful sound.

Focalink Soprano C

Mountain Ocarinas Polycarbonate G
This one is a bit weird. It’s very loud even tho it’s small. You can throw it from any roof and it’s still playable. Also, it looks like a boat…

Mountain Ocarinas Polycarbonate G

Focalink 12 Alto C type A
My newest ocarina. It’s in a beautiful matte black and easy to play. It sound very similar to my Focalink Double Alto C, though somewhat stronger on the higher notes. This ocarina is more forgiving with the breath pressure than my other ocarinas, except for my 6 hole pendant which is insanely forgiving. xD

Focalink 12 hole Alto C type A

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