Posting events in OS X with CGEventPost


Here’s to hoping someone finds this when searching the web!

I’m having problems when posting my own mouse left and middle clicks using CGEventPost under Mac OS X Lion. My left click events don’t properly switch between windows and my middle click events don’t properly open new tabs.

I’ve posted a more detailed question over at Stack Overflow but have yet to receive any answers. 😦

Feel free to answer it! 😀


New Ocarina arrived! :D

I got my new ocarina today! Around 9 the postman rang the door and I flew out of the bed and signed for the little package. 😀 The ocarina is quite small and fits in the palm of my hand. It came in small paper box decorated with the Focalink graphics. In the box the ocarina was inside a protective glove and there were also a paper with fingering charts.

The ocarina is beatiful! 😀 Black awesomeness. 🙂

New ocarina on the way! :D


I haven’t blogged in a loong time. But no matter, I guess no one reads this anyway. xD

Anyway, I ordered a new ocarina last Sunday. It’s the Focalink AC-A in matte black. It was sent from Taiwan on the 9th but the tracking system is refusing to tell me anything more than that thus far. 😦 I’m going crazy, I want my oc! 😛

Update: It just reached Sweden! xD I might get it tomorrow! 😀 😀

Focalink 12 hole Alto C type A

New ocarina :D

I ordered a Mountain Ocarina Polycarbonate G a couple of days ago. 😀 I hope I get it before the weekend but that probably wont happen. 😦 Been playing a lot on my Focalink Double Alto C and I love it but I wanted to try something new too and the low end mountain ocs come at a really good price. 🙂

New Ocarinas! :D

I just got my new Double Alto C and Raindrop Pendant from Focalink today! 😀 They’re both awesomesauce tho I can’t really play pendants yet, but I tried a few tabs and it sounds really nice. 🙂 The Double on the other hand… 🙂 I had a 10 hole before so I can play many songs on it I already knew. Let me tell you, this ocarina is kick ass compared to the sound quality of my Schwarz. I haven’t really figured out the switching between the chambers yet. I often don’t find the holes on the second fast enough and accurately enough but I’ll get there. 🙂 Also the sound “quality” as in type of sound seem to be different between the chambers, but this is because I haven’t learnd how to play properly yet. I kinda have to relearn how to play now that I have a proper ocarina. 🙂