New Ocarinas! :D

I just got my new Double Alto C and Raindrop Pendant from Focalink today! 😀 They’re both awesomesauce tho I can’t really play pendants yet, but I tried a few tabs and it sounds really nice. 🙂 The Double on the other hand… 🙂 I had a 10 hole before so I can play many songs on it I already knew. Let me tell you, this ocarina is kick ass compared to the sound quality of my Schwarz. I haven’t really figured out the switching between the chambers yet. I often don’t find the holes on the second fast enough and accurately enough but I’ll get there. 🙂 Also the sound “quality” as in type of sound seem to be different between the chambers, but this is because I haven’t learnd how to play properly yet. I kinda have to relearn how to play now that I have a proper ocarina. 🙂


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